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All prices on our website are quoted in United States Doller ($) Price may be subject to change without notice, but we will always inform you of any price change prior to processing your order. Any pricing structures seen on our website may differ if your order requires express delivery or sales tax or added color and designs. This is because stock of delivery issues may cause an increase in price. You will be fully informed of your price before your order is confirmed.

All delivery is charged to a United State Address. If you have requested delivery outside of the United States please note that you will have to pay extra delivery at a later stage when we know the total cost of the order.
Payment terms:
We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also pay by Paypal or check. Orders will not be processed until payment has cleared unless you have an account with us. All card payments over $500 may be subjected to a 2% surcharge.


Once your payment has been received, we will e-mail you a visual mockup. If you prefer visual proof a fee of $15.00 is requires to make and mail it to you to check carefully and approve before we print. Once your email mockup or mailed visual proof has been approved we start processing the order immediately and although we try and accommodate cancellations, we can’t guarantee that we will complete them and you may be liable for the full order price.
Visual layout approval:
It is much better if you send us a visual template to ensure speed of service and accuracy. We will send it to you if you can’t create it, and you are entitled to 2 revisions / changes free of charge with your visual. Further changes may be charged up to $15 per revision. Once you have approved the visual layout your decision is final. Extra charges may be applied should you wish to make further changes to approved visuals.

We will not proceed until you have approved the visuals or mockupwhich will usually be sent within 36 hours of payment.

Artwork details:

You have already received a copy of our artwork guidelines. You agree that you have read and understood them and that the artwork supplied is in accordance with these guidelines. If you need any help just contact us.

If the artworks files are not print ready and, therefore, do not match our guidelines we will try to recreate the artworks free of charge, or there may be a small charge. Artwork files that are not as per our artwork guidelines may still be printed, but the quality of the print may be lower than we would like.

You accept full responsibility and confirm you have either provided print ready files, discussed this with us prior to payment, or are happy to pay a small charge, and also confirm that we will not be held responsible for sub-quality print finishes that are caused as a result to sub-quality and non-print ready artwork files.

You must state specific print sizes if required. Failure to do so will mean we will use our expertise, or print according to limitations.

You must state Pantone color specific references if they apply. Failure to do so will mean we will use our expertise to best match on screen colors.

Artwork disclaimer:

We will print the artwork you supply us. When uploading or emailing us any artwork, you give KD Shirt Shop, full consent to print the artwork or designs. You confirm that the artwork is yours to use, and/or free from Copyright infringement. You accept full responsibility in the event of any Copyright infringement, and will fully indemnify KD Shirt Shop. By emailing us or uploading artwork, and upon payment, you accept this disclaimer in full. You will also be sent this agreement via e-mail from sale@kdshirtshop.com please fill it out and scan and email back.
Spot Dye-Sublimation:
Due to the printing process for dye sublimation, it is normal that the print leaves white marks where there are creases. These white marks are commonly found around the armpit area.

Please be aware that a true black can not be achieved with dye sublimation as the T-Shirts can only absorb a certain amount of ink. Therefore, black can often not be as saturated as some other colors and may appear ‘off-black’.

Dye sublimation is primarily suited to all over randomly placed designs, not position specific designs but please contact us if you have any doubts.

Our standard dye sublimation T-Shirts are unisex, lightweight, 100% polyester, and are available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, 2XLarge and 3XLarge.

Please consider this when submitting your designs for spot dye sublimation.


Cancellations may be subject to a charge due to the fact that we may have already ordered stock, prepared artwork or re-organized production of other jobs. Please note that a minimum charge of 20% will stand. This is a restocking charge we get charged by our wholesalers.

When paying for any order, you accept these terms and conditions.
Online ordering – sizes and colors:
Please note, we order blank clothing, garments and products from wholesaler distributors, and then customize these items with printing and embroidery for our clients. All sizes and colors shown online on the catalogues are not under our control, and we cannot be held accountable for color variations from on screen colors to real product colors, nor can we be held responsible for sizing issues. You order the sizes and colors your require at your own risk. We highly recommend ordering samples to ensure these problems are not encountered. A $ 15.00 Charge to mail you shirt samples.

Complaints procedure:

We take complaints very seriously and we are unhappy if you’re not entirely satisfied with our services. If you wish to make a complaint or request a reprint or refund, please complete the contact us form immediately and provide us with your order reference number, email address and the reason for your complaint.

You must also attach photos to help us further understand your complaint so we’re then able to take the necessary actions.

Please note that for refunds we will only consider them after Garment Printing has been given every opportunity to rectify any issues with the order.

Print/embroider only service :

where you supply us with the garments
We offer a print / embroidery only service whereby you can purchase the garments separately and then send them to us to be customized. When you use this service from us you understand that you’re sending the garments to us at your own risk.

If they are lost in transit we will not be held responsible. You must track the delivery and handle any issues that arise. In addition, we recommend test prints to ensure that the products are suitable for the printing technique that you require. We keep a keen eye on our quality control process, but, if you are supplying the products and there are problems with the print or damage to the garments due to the printing, that are not related to the print quality, we will not be held responsible for any of the cost of the garments / products.

You accept a 15% spoilage rate where we will not be responsible for the cost of damage caused due to printing, embroidery or the customization process.

In addition, with print only orders:

When you are supplying the goods for customization, the stated deadline is our target deadline, we cannot guarantee this until we receive the goods for inspection. In addition, although at quoting stage we assume we can complete the customization, sometimes factors unknown to us at quoting stage can complicate an order, and mean we may have to cancel and refund. We will always do our best to meet your deadlines and complete your orders to our best ability, but in the case of print only orders, you understand that the order may be cancelled upon receipt of the goods and that the deadline will be confirmed when we physically receive the goods for the specific order.

Express Orders:

For express order where delivery is required within 2-4 days you must be aware of the following information. We will do our best to meet our client’s deadlines, but sometimes, on rare occasions, factors beyond our control impact on our ability to fulfil orders. Stock levels, wholesaler dispatch mistakes and delivery problems can arise, which are factors beyond our controls. In the event of such occasions, sometimes we must make decisions on behalf of our clients to ensure that we’re always doing our utmost to fulfil the order. This can mean substitution of garment brands and size changes or enhanced delivery services where extra charges may be applied. We will always try to find the time to get approval from our clients for these changes, but as you will be aware, this is not always possible.
When entering into an express order, you must accept these conditions and take this in to consideration in the event of ultimate problems with orders. We ask that you appreciate the effort we will go to meeting your order when discussing remedy of such rarely occurring scenarios.
Email and text message privacy and communication policy:
Upon submitting your basic details or a full quote form, one of our sales team will contact you with a price or a request for more information so we can assess your printing and/or embroidery needs. We may also send you emails or text messages in the future about offers, promotions or other company information. We will never share your personal details with a third party. By submitting a quote request, you accept and agree to this privacy and communication policy.

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