Sometimes a brief statement about a product, service or a topic is all that’s needed to get your message across. Maybe a single, one-sided flyer for handout or posting on bulletin boards. Maybe a tri-fold that can be delivered by hand or through the mail. Maybe a simple black-and-white design fills the bill, or maybe a full-color production is the only way to capture the images and message you’re sending. Perhaps a special paper or other material to create the impact or provide the durability you require.

No matter the need for that “short form” communication, count on us to help with messaging, design, production and delivery.

Already have your file complete? Send it to us via our online ordering portal and we’ll turn it around quickly with the quality of material and printing the piece requires. KD Shirt Shop has several variations you need from time to time.


Flyers come in full color and full bleed (edge to edge) on multiple paper types and sizes. Standard sizes range from 5½ x 8 ½ to 8½ x 11.

It creates enough space on your flyer to communicate everything from your grand opening to a new service. Also, at this size, flyers can easily be handed out on busy street corners or intersections.

Light Weight No Finish |Color Print Flyer Handouts One Sided

25 50 100 125 150 200 300 500 700 1000
$.50 $.47 $.45 $.40 $.37 $.35 $.30 $.27 $.25 $.20

Light Weight Light Cockle Finish |Color Print Flyer Business One Sided

25 50 100 125 150 200 300 500 700 1000
$.55 $.52 $.50 $.45 $.42 $.40 $.35 $.32 $.30 $.25
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