Print/Embroider Only Service

where you supply us with the garments We offer a print / embroidery only service whereby you can purchase the garments separately and then send them to us at

115 South Lew Street Plano, Illinois 60545

Attention: KD Shirt Shop Print / Embroider Only Service

When you use this service from us you understand that you’re sending the garments to us at your own risk. If they are lost in transit we will not be held responsible. You must track the delivery and handle any issues that arise. In addition, we recommend test prints to ensure that the products are suitable for the printing technique that you require. We keep a keen eye on our quality control process, but, if you are supplying the products and there are problems with the print or damage to the garments due to the printing, that are not related to the print quality, we will not be held responsible for any of the cost of the garments / products. You accept a 15% spoilage rate where we will not be responsible for the cost of damage caused due to printing, embroidery or the customization process. Customer supplied garments cannot be guaranteed in any way. Payment in full is required before proofing or printing can begin on supplied orders. In the event of a production error or damage to the item, KD Shirt Shop will not replace the supplied item nor issue refund(s) for materials used or time spent on the project.

In Addition

Print only orders you are supplying the goods for customization, the stated deadline is our target deadline, we cannot guarantee this until we receive the goods for inspection. In addition, although at quoting stage we assume we can complete the customization, sometimes factors unknown to us at quoting stage can complicate an order, and mean we may have to cancel and refund. We will always do our best to meet your deadlines and complete your orders to our best ability, but in the case of print only orders, you understand that the order may be cancelled upon receipt of the goods and that the deadline will be confirmed when we physically receive the goods for the specific order.

All of our products are tested thoroughly so that we can provide only the best. KD Shirt Shop prefers to work with items from our distributors so that we can ensure quality, durability and easily replace in the event of an error.

By signing this waiver you agree to the policies & terms stated above. Signing form states you understand that you are placing an order for goods and/or services.  You agree to be legally bound and to abide by the above terms. The KD Shirt Shop reserves the right, at any time, to change, modify, alter, or update the terms and conditions, as deemed necessary. By accepting this document, you also agree to follow the terms and conditions set forth by those changes. Any changes or modifications are effective immediately upon notice thereof, as published and/or posted within this document or on our web site. 

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