Mesh Count Guidelines:

  • 110 Mesh – Most commonly used for white ink and other colors.
  • 160 Mesh – Most commonly used for black ink and other colors.
  • 230 Mesh – Most commonly used for high detail artwork.


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*Please refer to our artwork requirements and FAQ before uploading your artwork. Artwork that does not meet our requirements is subject to a $30/hour artwork fee or cancellation of your order.



Mesh Counts Available:
110, 160, 230

Coated Screens:  Not sure how to coat your screen with emulsion or just don’t want to mess with it? No worries, just get your screen pre-coated with emulsion and shipped directly to your door. Our pre-coated screens ship in light safe bags, so you receive them ready to expose. Be sure to open and store your pre-coated screens in a light safe environment, to avoid premature exposure. All our pre-coated and exposed screens come coated with our ChromaBlue emulsion, which is perfect for printing with plastisol inks. By request, we can also coat your screen with any other emulsion we carry, so if you’re printing with water based, discharge, solvent, uv inks, just let us know which emulsion you prefer. Coated and exposed screens ship out in 1-3 business days and are non returnable.



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110, 160, 230