All big heads are printed on demand. Please allow five (3) – seven (7) business days for production and order processing. This does NOT include shipping time.

Orders placed after 12pm CT will undergo the production process for the next business day.

The dimensions are the max printable area. The final size of your cutout may vary based on things like the picture provided including image dimensions and pixilation of image. Inclusions of long hair, shoulders, hats etc. will make the overall head smaller in size to fit on the sheet size. 


?Ensure your cutout looks as expected. We'll email you a proof for approval or revisions. Selecting this option may delay your delivery date 1-2 days.
? Add anything from a slogan to a heartfelt message.
?We can touch up your photo by removing things like scars, acne, red eyes, etc.
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  • Product Price: $25.99
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  • Personalized 4mm corrugated plastic player photo cutouts.Corrugated plastic is weatherproof & durable.
  • Indoor or Outdoor use!
  • Great for sporting or band events of all kinds!
  • Use as a fundraiser or to show your team spirit.
  • A great way to represent and support your coaches, players, and cheerleaders at special events!
  1. Photo cutouts are printed on one side only, in full digital color.  The corrugated plastic is durable, weatherproof, and sturdy enough for the whole season.
  2. Standard Size: Each cutout is 18″ x 32″, depending on picture dimensions.
  3. Cropping: We crop the players at waist level to include jersey number (if applicable) and provides consistency of all players.
  4. Height: For teams or groups we take the height of the widest photo and use that to make all the cutouts the same height per order.
  5. Contact us here or call us at (888) 416-6027 or (630) 273-2050 with any questions.


  1. Photos from an iPhone or Android work well when taken using the suggestions below.
  2. Each photo must be 750KB (0.75MB) or larger in size. Most customers submit photos that are 1-4MB in size. 10MB or more is too large for our upload system. Email us at sales@kd3g.com about your order if your photos are 10MB or more.
  3. Do not edit photos prior to uploading. Unless you are a graphic designer that can use Photoshop. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Copying pictures from a website (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will not work for this project. Texting/emailing through phones or tablets can sometimes cause a loss of resolution. If emailing photos through phones send at ‘Actual’ size. Some email setting automatically lowers the size of the files.

  • When taking photos, leave the camera zoomed out. Do not zoom in. Instead, step closer and let the player fill in the frame of the camera. Take the photos in portrait format from mid-thigh up.
  • Use the same lighting for uniformity. We are not able to remove shadows from players’ faces.

*PLEASE NOTE* Poses are best with arms down, or hands in front or back. Arms out or wide pose such as holding football helmets to the side reduce the height of cutouts.

*PLEASE NOTE* Props like bats, sticks, poms, etc. extended away from the body reduce the height of cutouts.

If you have a special request for how you prefer players cropped, please use the ‘Notes’ section at checkout.

Weight 20 oz